TE KOHU by Misty Ratima

Misty believes there is a contemporary space within fashion that can be founded upon traditional and cultural design concepts. 
A garment is never just an item of clothing when you're connected with TE KOHU. 
Everything has a meaning with a story to be told.
This is a brand aligns itself with a whakataukī (Māori proverb):
Nāku te korowai i whatu, he tāniko tāu.
I wove the cloak, you weave the boarder.
I interpret the weavers of a cloak to be my ancestors who have woven together the key fundamentals to life through the passing down of esoteric knowledge, land, genealogy, language, tradition and history.  The intricate embellishment of tāniko is what we the descendants work to share and accomplish in life according to the teachings of our elders.


Photo Credit:  Tom Hollow (Project Runway NZ)