REWARD: Store Credit

Thank you for your denim donation and welcome to our community of fashion game-changers.


1 Create a Te Kohu Customer Account and follow the activation prompts to be eligible for store credit.
2 Once donations are received you will get an email stating how much store credit you have accrued.
3 We operate within a credit range of $2 - $5 per item and decisions will be made at our discretion.  The brand, condition and quality of garments will be taken into consideration.
4 Fast fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, The Warehouse, Kmart, Glassons, Jeans West, Cotton On and others will get an automatic $2 credit.
5 Credit cannot be refunded or paid out for monetary return. Credit is unable to be transferred to another customer due to system restrictions.
6 Customers can accumulate up to $100 credit per account.  Garments received after this limit is reached will be considered a free donation.
7 No negotiation will be entered into with allocated store credit and policy outlines.  So please be sure about your decision to donate, thank you.